Our Shores – The most beautiful beaches of the Salento Tarantino coast

Spiagge Litoranea Residence Atlante

Saturo beach, 800 meters

This is the closest public beach to our Residence Atlante, it is practically the same basin where the Canneto Beach Establishment insists. The beach slopes very gently into the water, therefore it is suitable for the fun of the little ones. On the beach there are also refreshment points and the restaurant of Saturo next to it.

Very beautiful, on the same promontory of Saturo, the Spanish Tower dating back to the 16th century A.D. , and the Archaeological Park, with the ancient remains of a Roman Villa.

Laterally to the basin there are angular rocks; the seabed is beautiful to explore by snorkeling or underwater fishing.

Lido Gandoli, 1,5 km

It is one of the most beautiful equipped beaches of Taranto’s Salento coast. It offers the best services: bar, cafeteria, restaurant, beach tennis, ping-pong, various sports activities. In September, the goal of a prestigious national Beach Tennis tournament.



  • 4 entrances with 1 umbrella and 2 sunbeds for € 200.00 per week

Canneto Beach plant, 800 meters

Canneto Beach is an exclusive multifunctional facility: private beach, restaurant, swimming pools, bar, snack bar, club house, disco, tennis courts and more.

Il Canneto Beach has an agreement with our Residence offering valid offers both as regards the restaurant and the beach.

For information and programs call the Club directly.


Lido El Cohiba 59, 5,5 KM

The El Cohiba 59 beach is located in Marina di Pulsano, the municipality adjacent to Leporano. It is a very beautiful beach with almost 500 parasols. It offers first level services: restaurant, bar, pizzeria, ice cream shop. Furthermore, in the evening it becomes a very popular meeting point because it organizes musical evenings with typically South American music and theaters.

The lido also offers particularly advantageous conditions to our customers. Information can be received by calling directly in the factory.


Lido Onda Blu, 12 km

It is an equipped beach, located on the Salento coast in Marina di Lizzano, a small inland town. Here the beaches are wide and the territory is characterized by sandy dunes covered with Mediterranean scrub. The plant is one of the largest in the province of Taranto. The wide shoreline allows easy water exchange even on days when the plant is more crowded. Highly recommended !!!

Lido La Bahia del Sol, 12,5 km

The Bahia del Sol beach is next to that of Onda blu, also in Marina di Lizzano. The establishment is modern and offers excellent quality services. The bar and refreshment point allows you to enjoy the sea in complete relaxation.

The beach is white sand, slowly degrading and crystal clear water, as indeed throughout our coast.